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We Got Your Back, Now Tell Your Friends

Call centers are notorious for calling about Medicare products. They are trained to be friendly and warm, build rapport and quickly get you into an application. It can seem efficient and a way to take another thing off your check list when you’re turning 65 or Annual Enrollment Period. But what if you have a question or your health status changes, or you want to compare plans, where did they go? Sure, you could call that 800 number but most likely will not be connected to that same person, in fact they forgot about you.

We at Secure Choices do not forget about you. Not only are we experts in the field, if you are our clients you most likely have access to our personal cell numbers too. We have a real person answering the phones and take pride in what we do. So, tell your friends about your experience, how it’s nice to have someone who always has your back when it comes to your insurance and that we are just plain nice, professional people and we do care!