An annuity is a financial contract between you (the owner), and an insurance company. You invest either a lump sum or monthly payment for a fixed period, normally three to ten years.

Annuities Offered:

• Tax-Deferred Accumulation
• Competitive Yield
• No Market Risk
• Penalty-Free Partial Withdrawals up to 10%
• Avoids Probate
• Lifetime Income is currently paying 6-8%
• No Fees or Sales Charges
• 100% goes to your Beneficiary in the event of death

Fixed Annuity “MYGA” Multi – Year Guaranteed Annuity
Accumulation value is a guaranteed fixed interest rate for a specific period of time. Interest rates generally offer three times higher yield than Certificates of Deposit(CD).

Annuity: $100K invested at 4% for 5 years yields $121,665.29
CD: $100K invested at 1.5% for 5 years yields $107,500.

Immediate Annuity
Based on age and investment amount. Monthly, quarterly or annual income on your investment for your life, a specific period of time, or dollar value.

At age 65, $100K invested, returns a monthly cash flow of $540.43 which equates to 6.56%.

Fixed Index Annuity “FIA”
Accumulation value is linked to the stock market indexes, with a minimum return guaranteed. You have the opportunity to make a higher interest than is available on a fixed annuity without experiencing any market losses. Most have a bonus of 5%-10% on the initial investment. Below is a short informative video on Fixed Index Annuities.

Longevity Annuity or Guaranteed Income Rider
Guarantee fixed interest rate between 6% – 8% each year, as long as it is taken as life-time income. Must be attached to a Fixed or Index Annuity- does not stand alone. Surrender charges may apply for early withdrawals or above the penalty-free amount.

At age 65, $100K invested with a 10% bonus and a 7% income rider, after 10 years, will be $216,387.00 with a lifetime payout of $12,983 per year.

Hybrid Annuity/Long Term Care

This is a wondrful way to protest against the cost of Long Term Care without paying high premiums on a LTC Policy.

You would transfer an current investment to this Annuity. The Annuity pays an interest rate on your investment. There is a small premium that pays for the Long Term Care Rider. If you need Care at home, Assisted Living or Nursing Home the policy will pay 3 times your investment for Care. 


$100,000.00 investment would payout 3 times for Long Term Care = $300,000.00

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