About Us


Established in 1974, we are a trusted and well-known Insurance Agency located in Jacksonville, Florida.


We help Individuals, as well as those Eligible for Medicare, to evaluate and select the very best health and life insurance options available, based on their unique needs.

We are designated as a Certified Senior Advisor by the Society of Senior Advisors, and members of Jacksonville National Association of Financial Advisors.



At Gardner & Company we have always made it our mission to help clients receive the very best value in insurance benefits.   We have been successful by always maintaining our core values.

#1 – Keeping our promises.

We believe that keeping our commitments to our clients is important because, it not only helps to deepen customer relationships, but most importantly, gives our clients the resources they need to keep their promises to those whom depend on them, and whom they love.

#2 – Empowering clients with knowledge.

The Medicare system is complex. In fact, national surveys show that a majority of seniors just don’t understand it. That means we have to work extra hard to continually educate ourselves and remain up-to-date on every new plan, option and regulation within the Medicare system, which is constantly changing.  We go this extra mile because we firmly believe that educating clients with the power of knowledge is the only way for them to maximize their Medicare benefits.

#3 – Being a true and unbiased insurance advocate.

Gardner  & Company is an independent insurance agency, not owned by any one particular carrier, so you can be rest assured we act as a true advocate for our clients  in providing guidance on Medicare health insurance plans, and other types of insurance benefits.



Founder and CEO

Bill is the founder of Gardner & Company, and has been in the insurance business for nearly 50 years. He specializes in Life Planning, and is continuously learning new products and new ways to help his clients succeed in planning their financial future. When Bill is not meeting with clients or running the company, he can be found playing golf, spending time with his family and friends, or attending various Jacksonville events.



Christie focuses on individual insurance, including Medicare and supplemental policies. She has been in the insurance industry for over 20 years, and has been with Gardner & Company since 2014. She is passionate about her clients and enjoys assisting them in selecting plans that best suits their needs. In her personal time, Christie is actively involved in her church, community club, and with her loved ones



Andrew specializes in Medicare, Life, and Supplemental insurances. He has been with Gardner & Company since 2011. Andrew enjoys working with Gardner & Company because customers can count on the fact that we have their best interest at heart. Outside of work, Andrew enjoys hiking, camping, boating, motorcycling and woodworking. He plays music as a solo musician in Jacksonville and is a volunteer with his church.


Client Manager

Debbie is involved in many aspects of Gardner & Company, including client administration, insurance underwriting, and Medicare enrollment and processing. She has been in the insurance industry for 17 years, and has been with Gardner & Company since 2007. Debbie loves helping clients and keeping the office running smoothly. When she is not working, Debbie likes to spend time with family, volunteering, and with her church.


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