About Us

Retire with Peace of Mind

Our Mission

True and Unbiased Advocate

At Gardner and Company, we realize that saving money in your retirement years is critical. That’s why we don’t just represent one company. We want you to have the power of choice and that includes being able to shop the market for the best available rates. You can rest assured we act as a true advocate for our clients, providing guidance on Medicare health insurance plans, and other types of insurance benefits.

Our Vision

We Keep Our Promises

We believe that keeping our commitments to our clients is important because it not only helps to deepen customer relationships, but most importantly, gives our clients the resources they need to keep their promises to those who depend on them, and whom they love. While we’re best known for our Medicare expertise, we’re passionate about being your one-stop-shop for several different types of insurances and investment opportunities. No matter if you want to compare supplement policies or keep your nest egg secure, we’re here for you.