Medicare Supplements

Solutions to Gaps in Medicare Coverage - Medicare Supplements or Medi-Gap

Medicare Supplements (Med-igap)
Health insurance policy sold by private insurance companies to fill the gaps in Original Medicare. These plans allow you to use any doctor or facility that accepts Medicare. Shopping for Medicare Supplements can now be based on premium cost, due to the standardization of Plans A-N. Companies may charge as much as $1,000 more for the same Plan, call us so that we can get you the best plan for the best price.

January 1, 2020, Plans C and F will only be available for purchase for those who went onto Medicare before 1/1/2020

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Plan C & F are no longer available after 12/31/2019, however, if you have a plan before then you are grandfathered in.

Prescription Drug Plans (Part D) Must be added with a Medicare Supplement or Medi-Gap
Insurance Companies offer prescription drug coverage for everyone with Medicare. Get Medicare drug coverage through a private Insurance Company or an Employer Sponsored Plan. Each plan can vary in cost and drug coverage. It is very important to compare plans every year based on the prescription drugs you take.

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