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Offering smart and affordable insurance solutions to keep your retirement savings safe from whatever life throws at you.

New to Medicare?

In our Medicare 101 section we have broken down the different parts of Medicare to make it much simpler for you to understand.

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Expert Navigators. Founded more than two decades ago, Gardner & Company is a highly credentialed Insurance and Legacy Planning Agency operating throughout the southeastern US. We are best known for educating our clients and keeping our promises as we assist with navigating insurance choices.


We help individuals protect their overall health and financial well-being with smart, affordable Supplemental Insurance such as Critical Illness, Living Benefits, Life Insurance and more. We also provide Medicare Insurance to eligible seniors.


With all the options available in today’s complex insurance landscape, we appreciate the trust our client’s place in us. We strive to offer and educate individuals on the absolute best available in insurance products – and to keep our promises.

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Have a shot in the fight against pneumonia!

Have a shot in the fight against pneumonia!

5 Things to Know About the Pneumococcal Vaccine Pneumonia is considered a life-threatening illness that contributes to the death of over 60,000 people each year in the United States. More than three million individuals are also diagnosed with the condition every year...

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Part A- Hospital Coverage

Part A- Hospital Coverage

Welcome to our newest installment in our Understanding Medicare series! Last time we learned about who started Medicare and why. This post we will be diving into the first half of Original Medicare – Medicare Part A. Let’s take a look at what Part A is, how it’s paid...

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