In the words of musician Brian Wilson, “Summer means happy times and good sunshine. It means going to the beach, going to Disneyland, having fun.” Nothing beats the feeling of traveling in summer during your retirement to that beach house or fancy resort on holiday with your friends and family. Getting to spend a little time away from all the noise of your regular life or enjoying your newfound free time is necessary for keeping your health and mental well-being in check. However, having a sort of travel insurance coverage before embarking on any trip is also a necessity in case of unforeseen circumstances during travel, but is that really necessary when you already have Medicare insurance?

According to Sellmytimesharenow, 45% of Americans take some sort of summer vacation every year, and 97 percent of summer trips are to domestic destinations, while 3 percent are to international destinations. The problem lies with that small 3% traveling to international destinations because Medicare has limited travel medical coverage outside the U.S.
The questions probably on your mind right now as you read this are: will my Medicare coverage follow me wherever I go? What if I get sick outside the United States? Medicare may not provide coverage for hospital or medical expenses incurred outside the United States. So do you need travel insurance coverage if you have Medicare? The answer is a big YES!!!

1. Many Travel Insurance Services have special travel insurance packages that offer coverage for emergency medical expenses, emergency medical evacuation, and more. If you, however, don’t travel overseas regularly, consider opting for travel insurance right before a trip instead of paying for insurance every month.

2. It is important to know that solving Medical emergencies overseas can be really expensive. In case of any health emergency that may occur when you’re on your summer vacation, you’ll need to pay up front for treatment, and your medical bills could rapidly climb into the tens of thousands. Things could be worse if you require medical evacuation, which can require $200,000 and above depending on the country. When you have travel insurance with emergency medical benefits, it can pay for losses due to covered medical and dental emergencies that occur during your trip.

3. Let’s be honest; cost is probably the number one reason why people don’t buy travel insurance. Contrary to the general opinion that travel insurance coverage is super expensive, it’s quite easy to find affordable travel insurance. All you need to do to find a low-cost travel insurance plan is to compare plans from different insurance providers and find out which one meets your needs and your budget.

4. A lot of things can go wrong during your trip from having your flight canceled to a missed connection, a missing bag, accidents during travel and many other unforeseen circumstances that could threaten to ruin your vacation. Having travel insurance coverage, along with your Medicare coverage, will help make these situations better.

Summer is here again, and if you’re planning a huge trip with the entire family— your kids and grandkids, friends and relatives, a perfect vacation to bond with everyone and make great memories, add that travel insurance to your Medicare.


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